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Log pod Mangartom (pronounced [ˈloːk pɔd ˈmaːnɡaɾtɔm]; sometimes Log pod Mangrtom; Italian: Bretto; German: Breth), is a settlement in the Municipality of Bovec in the Littoral region of Slovenia. It comprises Gornji Log and Spodnji Log as well as the hamlets Loška Koritnica, Možnica and Pustina.

Log pod Mangartom lies in the Log Koritnica Valley (Slovene: Loška Koritnica) within Triglav National Park and is surrounded by 15 peaks with an elevation of over 2,000 m, giving it a unique atmosphere and making it an attractive starting point for hikers. The Log Cliff (Slovene: Loška stena, Italian: Parete di Bretto) rises directly southeast of Log pod Mangartom. The road from Bovec to Tarvisio over the Predil Pass and the Predel Viaduct (the viaduct has the longest arch (85 m) in the Alps) runs through the settlement. Between Gornji Log and Spodnji Log is the entrance to the 4.5 km (2.8 mi.) Štoln drainage tunnel leading through Sheep Mountain (Slovene: Ovčja gora) of the Kolovrat Range to the former lead mine in Cave del Predil, Italy.

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