Login, United Kingdom

Login is a hamlet in the valley and sits on both sides of the meandering River Tâf. A stone bridge crosses the river approximately 100 metres from a ford near the weir, which used to be the original crossing place. The postal address of Login covers a larger area than that bounded by the village signs. The district is called Cilymaenllwyd, and the main chapel for the region called Calfaria is located in the village.

The region of Login consists of streams and valleys and hills, with a sparsely populated community. Cardi Bach ('little Cardi') was the local name given to the Whitland and Cardigan Railway that once ran alongside the River Taf between the towns of Whitland and Cardigan. The railway was closed in 1963 under the Beeching initiative. The Landsker Borderlands Trail, a public route for walkers, passes through Login. Some of the members of the Rebbeca fraternity, active in the Rebecca Riots, were resident in Login. One of the hills is named "Radical Hill"; maybe this is in reference to the rebels, or perhaps it refers further back, to the stones deposited from the glaciers that once scoured this valley.

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