Cricklewood Baptist Church

London, United Kingdom

Cricklewood Baptist Church

Cricklewood Baptist Church is a Baptist church in Cricklewood, London, and is part of the London Baptist Association. Built in 1907, the church had its first service on 5 January 1908. In 1930, a church hall was added and after the main church building was sold to property developers in 1990, the hall became the central place of worship for the congregation.

The area around the church was owned by All Souls College, Oxford and in 1900, housing was built along Anson Road. By 1904 there were 210 houses in the area and another 65 were being built. The influx of people and the number of houses being built began to give Cricklewood an identity as a residential district and it was during this time that several churches were built. A Congregationalist church opened on Chichele Road in 1893, St Gabriels, Cricklewood Anglican church opened on Walm Lane in 1898 and St. Michael's Anglican church opened on St Michael's Road in 1910. Cricklewood Baptist Church celebrated its centenary in November 2008 with a visit from local Liberal Democrat MP, Sarah Teather.

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