Mawson Arms

London, United Kingdom

Mawson Arms

The Mawson Arms/Fox and Hounds is a Grade II* listed public house (at non-postal Mawson Row), 110 Chiswick Lane South, Chiswick. The entire terrace of five houses is listed, and they were built in about 1715 for the founder of Fuller's Brewery, Thomas Mawson. They adjoin one side of Fuller's Griffin Brewery.

The pub was once two separate pubs that now operate as one, but both names have been retained, with the pub having a separate hanging sign for each name, and different names printed along different parts of the building. It is one of very few pubs in England with two official names. Apparently a former landlord had not properly understood the licensing laws, and had split the pub into an ale house and a separate wines and spirits bar.

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