Savoy Pier

London, United Kingdom

Savoy Pier

Decommissioned and removed in late 2019. The Savoy Pier was located just to the south of the Savoy Hotel on the river Thames, and not far from the site of the old Savoy Wharf. The pier was the first central London base of Woods River Cruises Ltd. The pier was designed by Beckett Rankine in 1998 as a temporary structure and is an unusual design being restrained by transverse radial arms and longitudinal mooring cables. The contractor was Downtown Marine Construction who have since ceased trading.

It was replaced by new 140m mooring pontoon 'Woods Quay' in July 2020. It has been proposed that Savoy Pier will be relocated to Hammersmith Embankment for use for a new cross-river Thames Clipper service

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