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Strand-on-the-Green is one of Chiswick's four former villages, and a "particularly picturesque" riverside area in West London. It is a conservation area, with many "imposing" listed buildings beside the river Thames; a local landmark, the Kew Railway Bridge that crosses the river Thames and the Strand, is itself Grade II listed. Oliver's Island is just offshore.

Strand-on-the-Green is the most westerly part of Chiswick. It is on the north bank of the river Thames, just downriver from Kew Bridge. The name is shared by the first part of the road east of Kew Bridge, its continuation on the riverside path, and the area itself. The riverside path is fronted by a row of "imposing" 18th-century houses, interspersed with three riverside public houses. The low-lying path borders a part of the tidal river whose capacity has been restricted by the building of embankments on both banks, and it is flooded at high water during spring tides. Houses on the street were occasionally flooded, for example in 1967, before the Thames Barrier was built to restrict the highest tides on the river.

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