Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame

Long Beach, United States

Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame

The Long Beach Motorsports Walk of Fame is a walk of fame located on South Pine Avenue in the downtown waterfront area of Long Beach, California, to recognize those who have made a major contribution to auto racing in Long Beach. The project was conceived in late 2005 through talks between the Economic Development Bureau of the City of Long Beach and officials in order to improve and strengthen the city's ties with the open-wheel car racing event, the Grand Prix of Long Beach. It earned support from elected officials, local government and business and auto racing enthusiasts, and was officially dedicated in a ceremony led by Beverly O'Neill, the Long Beach mayor, on April 6, 2006. The Walk of Fame received development funding from the Redevelopment Agency of Long Beach, and the project set itself the objective of teaching the public about the auto racing role played by Long Beach.

Each year, two or three auto racing figures are inducted following a vote by an informal group that is composed of individuals such as local officials and Long Beach Grand Prix Association members. All inductees are honored by a 22 in (1.8 ft) bronze medallion plaque that is permanently embedded in the palm-lined concrete sidewalk that includes a rendition of the racer's car and lists their top auto racing achievements. The medallions proceed up the sidewalk's center alongside the Grand Prix of Long Beach race circuit in front of the Long Beach Convention Center. Members are inducted at a ceremony that occurs outside the Long Beach Convention Center in the week of the event; drivers and their families receive a 6 in (0.50 ft) and 3 in (0.25 ft) bronze medallion replica from Long Beach's mayor. Mark Vaughn of Autoweek described it as "a venue somewhat similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame".

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