Lovina, Indonesia

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Lovina is a quiet coastal town on the North Bali coastline 5 km west of the city of Singaraja, though the main street, Jalan Raya Singaraja, which crosses the town parallel to the coast, is noisy and congested with sidewalks to walk but as many other parts of Bali not well maintained.

The name "Lovina" was coined in the 1950s by a local Buleleng Regency official with a good eye for future tourism-based development. It consists of seven traditional villages, which all merge into one on a 10-km stretch of the main road which hugs the north coast to the west of Singaraja: Temukus, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Banyualit and Kaliasem. Kalibukuk is the main hub of this area and is often thought of as the "Lovina town centre".

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