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Porta Torre (also known as Torre di Porta Vittoria) is a main fortified tower located in the town of Como, in Lombardy (northern Italy). It is 40 meters high and it was built in 1192, to defend the main entrance of the city.

At the end of the war between Como and Milan in 1127 the Milanese, that won the conflict, tore down the ancient walls of the town, built during the Roman age. After the defeat Como decided to ally with the German Emperor Frederick I (called Barbarossa) to fight the Milanese supremacy in Lombardy. In 1154 the Emperor moved to Italy for the first time, and gave his consent to rebuild the defensive walls of Como (still visible around the town). Some years later, in 1192, the rulers of the town decided to strengthen the fortifications towards south, adding to the newly built walls three big defensive towers. The most impressive one, that assumed the role of main entrance of the town, was placed in the centre of the walls, right in front of the way to Milan, as a symbol of the independence of the town.

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