S. Giorgio Castle

Lugano, Switzerland

S. Giorgio Castle

S. Giorgio Castle is a castle in the municipality of Magliaso in the Swiss canton of Ticino. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

The medieval castle of San Giorgio is mentioned for the first time in 1033. It was the home for nearly two decades (1098-1117) for the schismatic bishop of Como, Landolfo Carcano, who was appointed by Emperor Henry IV against Pope Gregory VII's bishop. The castle was besieged and conquered in 1117 by Como and the fate of Landolfo, is uncertain (possibly deported or murdered). This caused the ten-year war between Como and Milan. In 1667 Giovanni Maria Castoreo di Lugano sold the castle with its surrounding land to the Beroldingen family. Carlo Corrado Beroldingen added, in 1687, to the west, the residential tower next to the medieval tower. It was partially destroyed in 1907.

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