Valle Maggia

Lugano, Switzerland

Valle Maggia

Valle Maggia (Italian, "Maggia Valley") is an alpine valley in the Vallemaggia district of canton of Ticino, the Italian-spoken canton of Switzerland. The valley is formed by the river Maggia and is situated between the Centovalli and Lago Maggiore as well as the Valle Verzasca in the East.

The Maggia valley has a spatial extension of 569.64 km2 (219.94 sq mi), equal to one-fifth of the canton of Ticino. It’s the largest valley of the canton and one of the widest within the Alps’ south side. The valley is formed by the river Maggia, whose source is the Cristallina peak in Val Sambuco (Lavizzara). The river runs through the valley down to Ascona, where it pours into the Lake Maggiore. The Maggia is fed by the rivers Melezza, Rovana (river) and Bavona, as well as other mountain streams, and can swell up to a current after torrential rains, even though its force has been regulated by numerous upstream dams and reservoirs. Over time, the river has flooded and eroded valuable areas of cultivation, partly due to extensive woodcutting, so the lower Maggia valley is broad, but it is flanked by steep granite walls.

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