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Luninets (Belarusian: Лунінец, Russian: Лунине́ц, Polish: Łuniniec, Lithuanian: Luninecas, Yiddish: לונינייץ‎, romanized: Luninitz BGN/PCGN romanization: Luninyets) is a town and administrative centre for the Luninets district in Brest Region, Belarus, before which it was in Poland (1540–1793, 1920–1939) and Russia and the Soviet Union (1793–1920, 1939–1941, 1944–1991). It has a population of some 24,000, and is immediately east of the Pinsk district within Brest. It was home to Luninets air base during the Cold War.

Luninets is said to be mentioned in print sources dating to 1540. Within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, it was part of Nowogródek Voivodeship. In 1793, the town was acquired by the Russian Empire in the course of the Second Partition of Poland. In 1888, while under Russian sovereignty, a railway junction was built in Luninets, linking it by rail to Warsaw, Rivne, Vilna and Homel, and a proper railroad station was added in 1905.

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