Euroforum building

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Euroforum building

The Euroforum building (also known as EUFO) is an office complex used by the European Commission in Cloche d'Or, Gasperich, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It hosts, amongst other European Commission departments, the Euratom Supply Agency.

In the early 1990s, following the codification of Luxembourg as joint seat of the European Commission with Brussels at the 1992 Edinburgh European Council, and due to staff increases created by the enlargements of the European Union (EU) and increased responsibilities of the institution, the European Commission began looking for additional premises in Luxembourg City. Since 1975, the European Commission's Luxembourg activities had been primarily based in the Jean Monnet building in the Luxembourg City quarter of Kirchberg, in the northeast of Luxembourg City. This location had been promoted by the Luxembourg government as a base for European institutions since the 1960s. Whilst the European Commission aimed to rent office space in the Kirchberg District Centre, a mixed-use development under construction in northeastern Kirchberg, this would not be ready until 1998, and was not projected to meet all its office space requirements. Additionally, the European Commission faced competition for land from other European institutions based in Kirchberg. Therefore, the European Commission decided to settle on the rental of additional property in the south of the city, in what was then the relatively undeveloped quarter of Gasperich.

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