Grünewald (Luxembourg)

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Grünewald (Luxembourg)

The Grünewald (Luxembourgish: Gréngewald) is a forest in central Luxembourg, most of which is owned by the national government. Grünewald stretches through the communes of Niederanven, Steinsel, and Walferdange; the centre of the forest is situated 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) north-east of central Luxembourg City. As a result of its proximity to Luxembourg's capital city, it is a popular destination for tourism, leisure, and hospitality. Within the Grünewald are the sources of the Black Ernz and the White Ernz.

The Grünewald is held in great affection by the Luxembourgian people, dating as it goes back from the 1900 formation of the country in the 1840s. In 1846, the government proposed selling the 6.69 square kilometres (1650 acres) remaining of the forest to raise money for economic development. The forest was bought by Baron Ziegesar for 530,000 Guilders, and presented to Grand Duke William II. In grand ducal possession, the Grünewald's territory was expanded greatly by a series of acquisitions.

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