René Konen Tunnel

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

René Konen Tunnel

The René Konen Tunnel (French: Tunnel René Konen), colloquially known as the Saint Esprit Tunnel (French: Tunnel du St-Esprit, Luxembourgish: Helleg-Geescht-Tunnel), is a 655 m (2,149 ft) road tunnel in Luxembourg City in southern Luxembourg. It carries two lanes of one-way traffic northwards, under Ville Haute, bypassing the narrow streets and pedestrian zone in the heart of the city.

At the southern end (49°36′29″N 6°07′59″E), the tunnel is fed by the Passerelle, which carries traffic from Gare, on the southern side of the Pétrusse valley. The tunnel's entrance is under the Judiciary City. At 100 metres (330 ft), the tunnel bears to its right, passes under the Chambre des Députés (49°36′38″N 6°07′59″E) and heads back to the left in a long, sweeping bend. At its northern end (49°36′49″N 6°07′55″E), the tunnel emerges just to the west of the Alzette valley. The road onto which it leads then divides into two, feeding the Boulevard Royal to the west and the Côte d'Eich to the north.

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