Rigi Kulm

Luzern, Switzerland

Rigi Kulm


The Rigi Kulm Hotel is located immediately below the 1,798 metres (5,899 ft) summit of Mount Rigi in the Alps in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, about ten miles south of Zurich and eight miles east of Lucerne. Opened in 1816, it can only be reached on foot or via the Vitznau–Rigi or Arth–Rigi railways. It is said that 125 named peaks and thirteen lakes are visible from the hotel.

A wooden hotel was begun in 1814 by Joseph Martin Bürgi, a cloth cutter from Arth. He ran out of funds, however, and the project ceased. The following year, Heinrich Keller, an illustrator from Zurich, began raising funds for the hotel, but the amount proved insufficient. Keller tried again, this time attracting the interest of well-to-do people in Switzerland's largest cities. The hotel opened on 6 August 1816, with its first guests arriving just over a week later.

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