Auditorium-Orchestre National de Lyon

Lyon, France

Auditorium-Orchestre National de Lyon


La Part-Dieu (French: [la.paʁ.diø]) is the Central Business District (CBD) and beating heart of Lyon Metropolis, inside an urban area of more than 2.2 million inhabitants. It is also the second largest tertiary district in France, after La Défense in Greater Paris, with over 1,150,000 m2 of office and service space, along with 45,000 service sector jobs, 2,500 companies, affordable rents and a 97% occupancy rate. A major European nerve centre, La Part-Dieu high-speed train station is a leading interchange rail station on the continent, welcoming 120,000 travellers everyday, while its multimodal hub deals with 500,000 daily commuters, by means of public transport such as métro, tram and bus lines, taxi and bike services, including the Rhônexpress shuttle connecting La Part-Dieu directly with Lyon-Saint-Exupéry International Airport.

Located on the Left Bank of the Rhône river, this urban centre also provides major entertainment and cultural facilities, including one of the largest urban shopping malls in Europe, 800 shops, Paul Bocuse indoor food market, café terraces, the Auditorium concert hall, Bourse du Travail theatre, Municipal Library, Departmental Archives and Montluc Fort. Moreover, it harbours Tour Incity (202m), Tour Part-Dieu (164m) and Tour Oxygène (117m), making Lyon one of the few European cities able to display high-rise architecture right next to its historical core.

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