Avenue Berthelot

Lyon, France

Avenue Berthelot

Avenue Berthelot is a street in the 7th (Guillotière) and 8th arrondissement (Bachut) of Lyon which connects the bridge Galliéni at the east to the A43 highway via the Avenue Jean Mermoz which extends it to the west.

Formerly named Avenue des Ponts as it was drawn as an extension of the two Ponts Napoléon (currently named Pont Galliéni and Pont Kitchner), the street acquired its current name on 25 March 1907. Obviously after the chemist Marcellin Berthelot who had died on 18 March 1907. In 1923, there were 351 numbers in the avenue. A part of the avenue Berthelot was renamed rue Paul Painlevé on 11 March 1935. In 1939, another part was renamed Avenue Jean Mermoz and rue Paul Painlevé was incorporated into this new avenue. At number 59, there was the Châlet Russe which was destroyed by bombing of 26 May 1944. The present church of this avenue was inaugurated on 4 November 1961.

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