Cour des Voraces

Lyon, France

Cour des Voraces


The Cour des Voraces, also called Maison de la République, is a courtyard building in the Pentes quarter, in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, famous for its enormous six-floor stairway. It is an impressive traboule, a covered passage with entrances on Place Colbert, Montée Saint-Sébastien and Rue Imbert-Colomès.

Situated on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, the court is a major symbol of Lyon. Built in 1840, it is a fine example of the folk architecture of the canuts, related to the silk weaving industry, which deeply marked the neighborhood. It is also a place that symbolizes some great moments in the history of Lyon. A plaque on the building reads: "In the Cour des Voraces, hive of silk work, canuts struggled for their lives and their dignity." The name of the building comes from a group of workers called the Voraces weavers, who reputedly distinguished themselves by their republican insurrections of 1848 and 1849.

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