Des Hauteurs Park

Lyon, France

Des Hauteurs Park


Parc des Hauteurs (transl. Heights Park) is an urban park on Fourvière hill in Lyon, France. It encompasses the public spaces between the basilique de Fourvière and Loyasse cemetery.

Throughout the 20th century, urban planning documents mention various projects for Fourvière hill. In 1906, architect Sined suggested building a park on the hill to remedy the shortage of parks in Lyon. In 1924 Camille Chalumeau suggested building a circular boulevard to take advantage of the panoramic views from the sight. After a landslide killed 39 people in 1930, construction on the hill was banned. Afterwards, there were several proposals to build a park, including by architect Giroud. He proposed the creation of a vast urban park between place Saint-Jean and the basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Between 1930 and 1950 the Théâtre antique de Fourvière and the Odéon Antique were uncovered, after witch the city acquired the lands in the area. The archaeological park was created and several buildings were destroyed to improve access to the hill.

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