Rue de l'Université, Lyon

Lyon, France

Rue de l'Université, Lyon

The Rue de l'Université is a large street in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon which connects the Pont de l'Université and the Avenue Jean-Jaurès. It is extended to the east by the rue Marc Bloch then the route de Vienne. It was named after the presence of several university buildings, built from 1884 until the late nineteenth century.

In the Ancient history, the street seems already exist. From the east, perhaps from the ancient city of Vienna, it ended on the Rhône where it is possible that there was a bridge. Once the river crossed, the street ended in the district of Canabae, the current peninsula, before reaching the high city of Lugdunum, the ancient city of Lyon. This can be testified by cippi mausoleums or burial found in this area due to the presence of a Roman necropolis located around the access road to the city. A hypothetical layout can be found noting that three discoveries are aligned under the street, respectively, in the rue de Marseille, rue Sébastien Gryphe and Place de la Madeleine. Thus, in 1870, Acceptius' tomb was found under the Citroën garage and in July 1943, four blocks including ancient basis of a cippus and its pyramidion were found at number 33, rue de l'Université.

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