Synagogue Keren Or

Lyon, France

Synagogue Keren Or

Keren Or Synagogue is a Reform Jewish Synagogue which serves as the synagogue for the Liberal Jewish Community of Lyon. It is located at 15 Rue Jules Vallès in Villeurbanne.

In 1981 the Liberal Israelite Community of Lyon (Communauté libérale israélite de Lyon (CLIL)) was founded. It closed four years later in 1985. In 1990, the community was relaunched as a Reform community, taking the name the Liberal Jewish Community (Communauté juive libérale (CJL)). It was supported by Rabbi François GaraÏ of the Liberal Jewish Community of Geneva and Rabbi Daniel Farhi of the Mouvement juif libéral de France. In September 2001, the synagogue hired its first Rabbi and by 2002 had nearly 180 families and was holding services at 7 quai Jean-Moulin.

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