Europlanetarium Genk

Maastricht, Netherlands

Europlanetarium Genk

The Europlanetarium Genk is a people's observatory and planetarium in Genk, Belgium.

Lode Vanhoutte from Genk started the Young Researchers for Genk following the moon landing in 1969. They did popular scientific work, many subjects were treated but astronomy turned out to be the most interesting one and they found a home base with the Association For Astronomy (AFA). The observatories of Grimbergen and Hove were already operating for many years at that time. The AFA and especially Armand Pien (former television weatherman) suggested expanding to a full people's observatory in every Flemish province. Some people thought to place the third Flemish people's observatory in Genk. At first there would come a small ground floor observatory, but the plans got bigger and bigger constantly.

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