Macao Polytechnic Institute

Macau, Macao

Macao Polytechnic Institute

Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM; Chinese: 澳門理工學院; Portuguese: Instituto Politécnico de Macau) was established in 1981. It is located in the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. MPI is a public Higher education institution with an emphasis on applied knowledge and skills.

Macao Polytechnic Institute was formerly known as the Polytechnic Institute of the University of East Asia. Following the splitting of the University of East Asia into three, the Macao Polytechnic Institute was established in 1991, comprising a number of schools with a long history of public education operation, including the Technical School of the Chinese Affairs Bureau, the Public Administration Training Centre, the Academy of Visual Arts and the Technical School of the Health Bureau.

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