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Mong-Ha Fort


Mong-Há Fort (Chinese: 望廈炮台; Portuguese: Fortaleza de Mong-Há) is a fort on Mong-Há Hill, Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Macau, China. The fort is part of a greater military reservation – the Bairro Militar de Mong-Há, which included the Quartel de Mong-Há (Mong-Há Barracks). The Bairro Militar is bound by the Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira and the Colina de Mong-Há. The main fort complex was erected 1849 by Governor Ferreira do Amaral to protect the Macau's northern sector as precaution against a possible Chinese invasion following the First Opium War between Britain and China (1839–1842).

The fort's construction began in 1849 and was completed in 1864/66. The Quartel de Mong-Há was constructed in the 1920s. With the complete withdrawal of the Portuguese military establishment in the 1960s following the Sino-Portuguese rapprochement, the fort and the Bairro Militar were deactivated, with the former being turned over to the Instituto de Formação Turística de Macau in the 1980s. In June 1997, the area surrounding the fort was transformed into the Jardim Municipal de Mong-Há.

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