AD Unión Adarve

Madrid, Spain

AD Unión Adarve

Agrupación Deportiva Unión Adarve is a Spanish football team, from the Barrio del Pilar district of Fuencarral-El Pardo, in the city of Madrid, Community of Madrid. It was founded in 1961.

Unión Adarve was the result of a merger of two teams from Barrio del Pilar, ADC Adarve and Unión Barrio del Pilar (which was then refounded in 1983 in the place of AD Racing del Pilar). After several seasons in the Regional divisions, the club promoted to Tercera División in 2007 by finishing in the third position of the 2006–07 Regional Preferente. In 2008 there was a change in the Board of Directors, José Ferreiro Feijó became the club's new president. With him Unión Adarve returned to Tercera División in 2011.

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