Casa de Cisneros

Madrid, Spain

Casa de Cisneros


The Casa Cisneros is a palace located on the Plaza de la Villa in Madrid, Spain. Built in Plateresque style in 1537, at the request of Benito Jiménez de Cisneros, a 16th-century architect and nephew of Cardinal Cisneros (statesman and whose founder of founded the Complutense University), in honor it is named.

The façade on the Plaza de la Villa was restored in about 1909, when the city of Madrid acquired ownership of the property and integrated it into the premises Casa de la Villa. The remodeling was done in the period 1910-1914, in line with the original plans, by the architect Antonio Bellido y Gonzánlez, who also designed the rear passageway that connects the Casa de Cisneros with the Casa de la Villa de Madrid (the old town hall).

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