Eskalera Karakola

Madrid, Spain

Eskalera Karakola

Eskalera Karakola is a feminist self-managed social centre in Madrid, Spain. Women squatted a bakery on Calle de Embajadores 40 from 1996 until 2005, whereupon they were given a building at Calle de Embajadores 52.

Eskalera Karakola (EKKA) emerged from a squat on Lavapiés 15, in the Lavapiés district, in 1996. Staying in Lavapiés, several female participants decided to make a women-only occupation in a former bakery at Calle Embajadores 40. The project was eventually legalised in 2005, when it moved to its present location at Calle de Embajadores 52. The bakery was evicted in 2005 and subsequently demolished.

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