Monument to Claudio Moyano (Madrid)

Madrid, Spain

Monument to Claudio Moyano (Madrid)

The Monument to Claudio Moyano is an instance of public art in Madrid, Spain. Designed by Agustín Querol and located at the Plaza del Emperador Carlos V, it consists of a bronze statue of Claudio Moyano, a 19th century statesman noted for the authorship of the 1857 Law of Education, put on top of a tall stone pedestal.

In 1894 Eduardo Vicenti (Director–General for Public Instruction) resumed an earlier initiative to erect a statue to Moyano, giving a new impetus to the plan, that had failed to collect enough money up to that moment. The popular subscription (organised by the teachers of the Province of Zamora) proceeded then to collect funds from the teachers of all the Spanish provinces. The managing committee for the monument awarded the design to Agustín Querol in 1896.

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