Monument to Mendizábal (Madrid)

Madrid, Spain

Monument to Mendizábal (Madrid)

The monument to Mendizábal was an instance of public art in Madrid, Spain. Located in the Plaza del Progreso, it consisted of a bronze statue of Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, architect of the Liberal reforms in Spain in the 1830s, and a stone pedestal. It was removed in 1939.

A work by José Gragera, commissioned after the death of Mendizábal in 1853, it was cast in bronze by Eck & Durand in Paris. It arrived to Madrid in 1857. Following a series of delays regarding the indecision on the location of the monument, works to install it in the Plaza del Progreso started in 1868. The monument was unveiled on 6 June 1869, during a ceremony attended by the General Serrano and a small boy, grandson of Mendizábal.

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