Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Maha Sarakham (มหาสารคาม, also spelt Mahasarakham) is a city and province in Isaan.

Maha Sarakham means "city of great education" and is aptly named considering it hosts seven institutions of higher learning, among them, Maha Sarakham University, Maha Sarakham Vocational College, and Maha Sarakham Technical College. Hence, it is called the "Takasila of Isaan" ("Takasila" was an Indian centre of learning in ancient times). Maha Sarakham is the Buddhist centre of Isaan, as many Buddhist archaeological artefacts are found here, which include a relic of Lord Buddha in Na Dun district. Such evidence leads to the theory that this place once was the location of an ancient kingdom dating back to 1,500 years ago. A pagoda is built on that spot to mark the glory days of Buddhism and to serve as a venue for important Buddhist rites.

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