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Makkasan (Thai: มักกะสัน, pronounced [mák.kā.sǎn]) is the name of an intersection and the surrounding neighbourhood in Bangkok's Ratchathewi district. It is one of the 180 sub-districts in Bangkok. Makkasan Intersection is divided into two closely located intersections. One is the meeting point of Ratchaprarop Road, Chaturathit Road, Si Ayutthaya Road, and Soi Ratchaprarop 10 or Soi Mo Leng, and is known variously as Makkasan, Mo Leng or Ratchaprarop Intersection. The other is the intersection of Ratchaprarop Road and Nikhom Makkasan Road, named Nikhom Makkasan intersection. The area is considered one of the most prone to traffic jams in Bangkok, especially during rush hour. Makkasan is not far from major shopping districts and Bangkok's traffic centers, such as Pratunam or Victory Monument.

The name of the intersection refers to the Makkasan people, who historically lived in the area. The Makkasan people are Muslims that migrated from Sulawesi, Indonesia to Siam in the Ayutthaya period towards the end of King Narai's reign, with the name "Makkasan" coming from the city of Makassar, now the provincial capital of South Sulawesi. The Makkasan were known by the Siamese of the time as Khaek Makkasan (แขกมักกะสัน); the Thai word khaek literally means guest and generally refers to non-Western foreigners (the term farang is used for Westerners), mostly Muslims, Hindus or Indians from the Middle East and the Malay Peninsula.

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