English Cemetery in Malaga

Málaga, Spain

English Cemetery in Malaga


The English Cemetery in Málaga (Spanish: Cementerio Inglés de Málaga), or Anglican Cemetery, or Cemetery of St George, is the oldest non-Roman Catholic Christian cemetery established on mainland Spain.

The English Cemetery in Málaga, where St George's Anglican Church stands, is the result of the inspiration and concern of William Mark, who was British Consul in Málaga from 1824 until 1836. In the eight years he had lived in Málaga before his appointment as Consul, he had looked “with great disgust” on the way Protestants had to be buried on the sea shore at dead of night, because those who professed a creed other than Catholicism could not be buried in consecrated ground, namely in the parish churches, monasteries and cemeteries of Málaga.

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