Chapel of St Catherine, Qrendi

malta, Malta

Chapel of St Catherine, Qrendi

The Chapel of St Catherine (Maltese: Il-Kappella ta' Santa Katerina Tat-Torba) is a small Roman Catholic church located in the village of Qrendi, Malta.

The first church was first mentioned by inquisitor Pietro Dusina during his apostolic visit in 1575. It is not known when the church was originally built, however it was located near an area referred to as Ta' Bieb iż-Żejtunija. The church has a wooden door and one altar. Other than that, that church had nothing else. It was seldom used apart from the yearly service of the feast day on November 25th and occasional masses being celebrated for special occasions. In 1624 the church was deconsecrated and demolished, replacing it with a cross to commemorate the site of the church.

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