Victory Church, Qormi

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Victory Church, Qormi

The Church of the Nativity of Mary also known as Victory Church (Maltese: Knisja tal-Vitorja) is a Roman Catholic 17th-century church in the village of Qormi in Malta.

The original church was built sometime during the Middle Ages. It was originally dedicated to the Assumption of Mary however it was changed sometime between 1575 and 1588 and rededicated to the Nativity of Mary, to commemorate the victory of the Great Siege of Malta. The medieval church is mentioned in inquisitor Pietro Dusina's report of 1575. He states that the church was in a state of disrepair. It had no door, lacked in all liturgical necessities, had no rector and had no means of income. At that time the church was cared for by the Cassar family, notably Jacob who seed to it that annual feast is celebrated with a Eucharist and vespers. However this was discontinued on orders of Dusina. The church was mentioned again by Bishop Baldassare Cagliares in 1615 who states that the church had 2 paintings, the main one portraying the Nativity of Mary. In 1636, Bishop Miguel Juan Balaguer Camarasa documents the presence of the same painting as mentioned by his predecessor in 1615. He also adds that the church had a cemetery. The church was deconsecrated by the same bishop in 1656.

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