111 Piccadilly

Manchester, United Kingdom

111 Piccadilly

111 Piccadilly, formerly Rodwell Tower or Rodwell House, is a high rise office development in Manchester, England, owned by Bruntwood, which was opened in 1965. The tower is 64 metres (210 ft) which makes it the joint-sixteenth tallest building in Manchester. The building is located at the corner of Ducie Street (near Station Approach which leads to Manchester's main railway station, Manchester Piccadilly). It is the last building in Piccadilly which continues here as London Road.

The architects of the tower were Douglas Stephen & Partners who had to solve the constructional problem of building a high building over the Rochdale Canal. Its external appearance is enhanced by the eight enormous columns which carry the building above the canal; however the rendered finish did not look so good after a few years of rain.

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