South Downs Road Cricket Ground, Bowdon

Manchester, United Kingdom

South Downs Road Cricket Ground, Bowdon

South Downs Road is a cricket ground in South Downs Road, Bowdon, Greater Manchester (formerly Cheshire). The ground is surrounded by residential housing on all sides. The ground is used by Bowdon Cricket Club. It also has facilities for field hockey and squash.

Bowdon Cricket Club was founded in 1856 and first played at South Downs Road in 1865, having agreed to rent the ground from the 7th Earl of Stamford. The grounds pavilion was constructed in 1874, with its original facade remaining to this day. Cheshire first played at the ground in the 1910 Minor Counties Championship against Durham. However, Cheshire would not return to the ground until 1933, when they played Denbighshire in the Minor Counties Championship, which would be the last time they would play there for 43 years. In 1939, Helen Bickham bought the ground from the 10th Earl of Stamford in memory of her brother, Ernest Bickham, and proceeded to donate it to the cricket club.

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