Bab el-Khemis (Marrakesh)

Marrakech, Morocco

Bab el-Khemis (Marrakesh)

Bab el-Khemis (Arabic: باب الخميس, lit. 'gate of Thursday') is the main northern gate of the medina (historic walled city) of Marrakesh, Morocco.

The gate is located in the northern/northeastern corner of the city walls and dates back to around 1126 CE when the Almoravid emir Ali ibn Yusuf built the first walls of the city. It was originally known as Bab Fes ("Gate of Fes"), but this name was apparently lost during the Marinid era. The gate's current name (el-Khemis) refers to the souk or open-air market which historically took place here every Thursday (al-Khamis in Arabic). Nowadays, the market continues almost all week right outside the gate, while a permanent flea market, Souk al-Khemis, has been constructed a few hundred meters to the north. Also just outside the gate is a qubba (domed mausoleum) housing the tomb of a local marabout or Muslim saint.

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