Barrima Mosque

Marrakech, Morocco

Barrima Mosque

The Barrima Mosque (also spelled Berrima Mosque; Arabic: مسجد بريمة, Berber: ⵎⴻⵣⴳⵉⴷⴰ ⴱⴰⵔⵉⵎⴰ) is a mosque in Marrakesh, Morocco, attached to the Kasbah (citadel) and Royal Palace (Dar al-Makhzen) of the city. It was built in the late 18th century by the Alaouite sultan Muhammad ibn Abdallah.

Sultan Muhammad ibn Abdallah did not choose a capital for his reign but in practice he based himself in Marrakesh more than any other city. As a result, he carried a number of renovations and constructions within the royal citadel (the Kasbah and Dar al-Makhzen) of the city, including the restoration of the main Kasbah Mosque. However, reportedly because his son Maymun wanted a mosque that was closer to the palace itself, he commissioned another mosque, the Barrima Mosque.: 487  This mosque is located on the eastern edge of the Royal Palace grounds and the western edge of the old Mellah (Jewish quarter), near the city gate of the same name, Bab Berrima. The mosque acted as an official royal mosque much like the Lalla Aouda Mosque did for Moulay Isma'il's kasbah and palace in Meknes.

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