Brunswick brickworks

Melbourne, Australia

Brunswick brickworks

The Brunswick Brick Tile & Pottery Company was established in 1870 on a 12-acre paddock on Albert Street Brunswick, as one of the first modern mechanical brickworks in Australia. It was also known as the Hoffman Patent Brick & Tile Company, Hoffman Brickworks, or just ' Hoffman's' for most of its 100 plus years of operation.

The Hoffman brickworks was founded by Jenkin Collier and James McKenzie with Messrs Barry Owen and Rourke. Initially it employed Pratt brick presses, and constructed Hoffman patent continuous firing kilns, developed by Friedreich Hoffman in Stettin, Prussia in 1859. In 1887 the company had ordered Bradley & Craven Ltd automatic brick presses, which were fabricated by Langlands foundry and a year later purchased another at the centennial exhibition. The first kiln was circular, but the company rapidly expanded and added at least five oblong Hoffman Kilns between 1880 and about 1914.

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