Princes Park, Carlton

Melbourne, Australia

Princes Park, Carlton

Princes Park is a 38.6 hectare (95.4 acre) park in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Carlton North, Victoria. It is located directly north of the University of Melbourne and bounded on its eastern and western sides by Melbourne General Cemetery and Royal Parade respectively Although the park consists of a number of Australian rules football ovals, the bowling green of the Prince’s Park Carlton Bowls Club Bowls, and a small stretch of parkland, it is best known as the location of Ikon Park, the old Prince’s Park Football Ground, the home of the Carlton Football Club. The park also contains a children's playground; the Within Three Worlds sculpture; a barbecue and picnic facilities.

The park's site was originally proclaimed as "Prince's Park" on 9 June 1873 under The Land Act 1869 by the Minister for Lands and Agriculture, J. J. Casey, and its size was expressed at 97 acres. It was established at the same time as other existing and iconic parks.

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