Leon Trotsky Museum, Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico

Leon Trotsky Museum, Mexico City


The Leon Trotsky House Museum, Trotsky Museum, or Trotsky House Museum, (Spanish: Museo Casa de Le贸n Trotsky) is a museum honoring Leon Trotsky and an organization that works to promote political asylum, located in the Coyoac谩n neighborhood of Mexico City. Its official name is Instituto del Derecho de Asilo - Museo Casa de Le贸n Trotsky (Right of Asylum Institute - Leon Trotsky House Museum).

The center of the complex is the house where Trotsky and his second wife, Natalia Sedova, lived from April 1939 to August 1940, and where Trotsky was murdered. The house has been kept as it was at that time, especially the study in which Ram贸n Mercader killed Trotsky with an ice pick to the back of the head. Around the house is a garden and high walls with watchtowers.

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