Parco del Roccolo

Milan, Italy

Parco del Roccolo

The Parco del Roccolo is a local park of interest to more than one municipality and it is located between the rivers Olona and Ticino in the northern part of the Po Valley, in a north-western area in the province of Milan, on the southern edge of the Altomilanese. The park includes wooded and agricultural areas in the municipalities of Arluno, Busto Garolfo, Canegrate, Casorezzo (where the park headquarters are located), Nerviano (since 1997) and Parabiago, with a surface of 1595 hectares (about 16 km²).

The park takes its name from a technique once used in bird trapping, now considered illegal, the Roccolo: an oval clearing in which stood a three-storey tower camouflaged among the vegetation.

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