Villa Litta Modignani, Milan

Milan, Italy

Villa Litta Modignani, Milan

The Villa Litta Modignani is a 17th-century rural palace and park located on Via Taccioli in the north suburbs of Milan, in the Province of Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

Built as a rural villa in 1687 by Pietro Paolo Corbella, secretary of the Chancellor Segreta. Corbell had been named that year Marquis of Affori. It was in this villa that Pietro married Barbara Melzi. The building's exterior is simple; but the interiors were luxuriously decorated in a rococo-style. Marianna, the granddaughter of Pietro, only daughter of Carlo Corbello, died at the age of twenty-two and the property passed to her young husband, Francesco d'Adda. He remarried Teresa, the daughter of Marquis Pompeo Litta. She in turn widowed and married the Marquis Maurizio Gherardini. After some iterations, the family died out in 1836, and the villa was acquired by the Taccioli family, merchants of Milan.

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