Cunetio Hoard

Mildenhall, United Kingdom

Cunetio Hoard

The Cunetio Hoard, also known as the Mildenhall Hoard, is the largest hoard of Roman coins found in Britain. It was discovered in 1978 at the site of the Roman town of Cunetio, near modern-day Mildenhall, Wiltshire, and consisted of 54,951 low value coins. The coins were contained in a large pot and a lead container. The coins are now in the British Museum and the pot is on display at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes.

Cunetio developed from a small settlement into an important economic market for the area, which is thought to explain the concentration of coins. Excavation of a nearby well in 1912 uncovered 102 coins, possibly from another hoard. A smaller hoard had been found at this site in 1960.

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