Oakwood Theme Park

Minwear, United Kingdom

Oakwood Theme Park


Oakwood Theme Park (formerly Oakwood Leisure Park, Oakwood Coaster Country & Oakwood Park) is a theme park in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Oakwood opened in the late 1980s as a very small family park with BMXs, a wooden fort, a 3D-style cinema experience show, go-karts and a water chute ride. The park later incorporated four large thrill rides: Megafobia (1996), Vertigo (1997), Drenched (2002, as Hydro) and Speed (2006) which was a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller coaster with a 97-degree drop. It was the first Euro-Fighter in the United Kingdom and was at that time the steepest roller coaster in the UK . The 85-foot-tall (26 m) CCI-built wooden roller coaster "Megafobia" was rated by enthusiasts soon after its installation as amongst the best in Europe. In 2016 it celebrated 20 years at Oakwood.

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