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Palacio Santos


Centro is the inner city barrio (neighbourhood or district) of Montevideo, Uruguay. Its main avenue is 18 de Julio Avenue. It is delimited by La Paz Str. to the North, Florida Str. (North of 18 de julio Av.) and Andes Str. (South of 18 de Julio Av.) to the West, Canelones Str. to the South and Barrios Amorin Str. to the East. It used to be the main commercial venue of the city, but after the opening of the first malls, many small stores started closing down. Now, that process is being reverted and the area is coming back to life.

Because of the military origins of Montevideo, it had been forbidden to build anything permanent in the area outside the walls of the city up to the time that Uruguay gained Independence. That area was called Campo de Marte or ejido (common). Around 1750, the colonial Gobernación Política y Militar de Montevideo traced the limits of the forbidden area at "a canonball's reach" from the city's fortifications by a line or "cordón". Eventually, Cordón became the name of the area outside the Campo de Marte.

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