Belarusian rail bridge in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Belarusian rail bridge in Moscow

The Belarusian railway bridge (Russian: Филевский) in Moscow is a three-span steel girder bridge over the Moscow River, located on the Belarusian suburban direction of Moscow Railway. It is the outcome of a structure built in 1895, which was renovated twice – in 1938 and 1961.

A wooden single-track bridge on the Moscow-Brest railway line was originally built in this spot in 1871, but was replaced with a single-track steel structure in 1875, which had a double-span continuous deck-truss. The structure was 100 metres (330 ft) wide that was not really proper: during floods, the low trusses tended to be inundated, thereby becoming a dam, while the right-bank abutment was almost immediately distorted and cracked.

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