Khodynka Aerodrome

Moscow, Russia

Khodynka Aerodrome

Khodynka (Russian: Ходынский, Khodynskiy), officially Frunze Central Aerodrome, often referred to as Tsentralny (Центральный аэродром имени М. В. Фрунзе), was an airport in Moscow, Russia, located northwest of the centre of the city.

The founding of the aerodrome took place on June 17, 1910 when the Moscow Aeronautical Society announced that the staff of the Moscow Military District had approved the allocation of land in the territory of Khodynka field as an airfield. Donations from aviation enthusiasts met much of the cost of the construction of the facility. There resulted a runway and six small hangars for airplanes. The official opening took place on October 3, 1910 in the presence of military authorities and of many Russian aviators. M. F. De Campo Scipio made the first takeoff.

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