Moscow, Russia


Sandunóvskie Baths (Russian: Сандуно́вские бани) or Sanduný (Сандуны́, IPA: [səndʊˈnɨ]) is a cultural and architectural landmark in downtown Moscow, located at 14 Neglinnaya street adjacent to the Central Bank of Russia. First opened in 1808, the baths were founded by and named after the Georgian businessman Sila Sandunov (Zandukeli) (1756–1820), who was once an actor at the court of Catherine II during the 1790s. He bought a land plot on the Neglinnaya River in 1800 to construct baths there.

In 1869, owned by merchant and landlord Ivan Grigorievich Firsanov, the baths were willed to Ivan Firsanov's only daughter, Vera Ivanovna, after his death in 1881.

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